Problem with kernel 2.6.14 include/linux and crosstool

Dan Kegel
Sat Jan 14 03:57:00 GMT 2006

On 1/13/06, Roman <> wrote:
> I built gcc 3.4.4 compiler with the use of the crosstool. I am trying to
> compile a simple i2c program for the arm with kernel 2.6.14. However, I
> cannot properly include and have errors with double defined functions. How
> can I setup crosstool to use kernel 2.6.14 headers.

You didn't give enough info (what errors, exactly?), but
I bet if you build with the sanitized kernel headers, you'll
have a better chance of success.
To do this, use one of the .dat files that ends in hdrs-, e.g.
- Dan

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