Orientation question

J.Moore listreader1@cullmail.com
Mon Jan 9 00:01:00 GMT 2006

Hope this question isn't too lame - I've been using a 'commercial' tool
for embedded development, and want to try the open source stuff...

My target for this project is an X86-based single-board computer. The
target does not have sufficient resources to make it a practical
development host. My development host will also be X86-based; I can use
Windoze, or one of the Linux distros. Fedora is what I'm using now, but
I am "distro-agnostic" at this point, so if there's a better choice I'm
happy to use it. 

My question is this: Do I really need to set up a cross-development tool
chain if both my target and host are X86 processors?


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