Cross GCC for PowerPC and vxWorks

Dave Korn
Tue Jan 3 17:03:00 GMT 2006

Steven J. Magnani wrote:
>> Dan wrote:
>> Try
> Be careful - I discovered that if you go to "Patches" and click on the
> link that says "Patch Gcc-2.95.3 to 2.95.4 (prerelease) for
> VxWorks-PPc.", what file you get depends on where on the link you click.
> You have to find the right spot to get the PPC patch and not the Altivec
> patch.
> Also, I got bitten by the "You need to install autogen" issue described
> on the FAQ/Docs page. But using the "" patch doesn't fix
> things. Something about the end_else_label sed script is wrong:
>     Fixing directory /usr/include into
> /home/smagnani/xyzzy/build/gcc-2.95.3/gcc/fixinc
>     Checking header files
>     sed: -e expression #1, char 252: Invalid preceding regular
> expression
>     Fixed ./ss/ss.h:
>           end_else_label
> I tried gutting the End_Else_Label code in, substituting "cat"
> for "sed" (i.e. turn the End_Else_Label fixup into a no-op). That at
> least seems to have allowed the build to complete. I'm not sure what
> side-effects there might be.

  I do think it's reasonable to observe that, since the patch
doesn't change anything that's anywhere near the End_Else_Label clause, it's
probably not a bug in the patch.... my feeling is that it's most likely to be
a stray crlf line ending that has got in the patched fixincludes somehow.

  I haven't maintained that site for ages, as Dan has already observed; it's
been a long time since I was working in the job I was in at the time and I no
longer have a license for nor access to any VxWorks OS, nor even any ppc
hardware, so what assistance I can give will be fairly limited, but feel free
to contact me here on the list about any issues you get.

  As to the funny link thing, d'oh.  That'll teach me to use a point'n'drool
html editor.  I only wanted to copy the words "to 2.95.4 (prerelease) for"
from one sentence to another but it went and took the underlying link along
with the text.  You never know, I might fix it.  If I can ever remember the
login for that dormant old dialup a/c it's hosted on....

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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