Newbie questions - compiling Linux exes on Windows OS

Daniel White
Mon Jan 2 16:55:00 GMT 2006

Hi Brian,

Thanks also for the info...

> This means that a modern web
> server running a scripting language can perform circles around something
> that is doing CGI, even if the target is written in C -- because for
> most tasks the bottleneck is IO (network, disk, database) and not CPU.

IO surely won't be an issue in my case, as practically everything will be
done in RAM, and CGI is okay with that right? Only at the beginning and
end will a single file be sent to the web server and a converted file  
Typical CGI inefficiency only applies to HD access, network and database
(basically HD access), not RAM stuff I presume?

> You don't have to upload the script every time.  Just run PHP or perl on
> your local machine.

Yeah, I'll probably install a web server to be able to run PHP or perl
on my machine.

> This is horrendously inefficient and so using C to do CGI
> for performance reasons makes little sense, and hardly anybody does this
> in the last decade.

That's surprising considering that using C/C++ will enable them to easily
use the code should they wish to convert the program to a standalone  
so people can use it offline (such as in my case).

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