linking gdbserver fails for a glibc2.1.3 (rh62) with crosstool-0.43

John Utz
Wed Dec 27 22:59:00 GMT 2006

Tnx for your suggestion Dimitry!

I am trying with gdb62 as we speak.

Dan, if you are reading this, you might want to make the glibc-2.1.3
entry reference gdb-6.2 (assuming that I am successful)

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From: John Utz 
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Subject: linking gdbserver fails for a glibc2.1.3 (rh62) with

I am trying to remotely debug an app that runs on a box that uses a rh62
filesystem with a 2.6.9 kernel.

My crosstool arguments are thus:

 eval `cat i386.dat gcc-2.95.3-glibc-2.1.3.dat` sh --notest -gdb

The link error is thus:

i386-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc -c -Wall -g -O2    -I.
5.3-glibc-2.1.3/gdb-6.5/gdb/gdbserver/../../include -I../../bfd
rm -f gdbserver
i386-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc    -rdynamic -o gdbserver inferiors.o
regcache.o remote-utils.o server.o signals.o target.o utils.o version.o
mem-break.o reg-i386-linux.o linux-low.o linux-i386-low.o i387-fp.o
thread-db.o proc-service.o \
thread-db.o(.text+0x3f9): In function `thread_db_look_up_symbols':
3-glibc-2.1.3/gdb-6.5/gdb/gdbserver/thread-db.c:315: undefined reference
to `td_symbol_list'
:318: undefined reference to `td_symbol_list'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [gdbserver] Error 1
+ test '' = 1

I noted that Mr. Kegel posted a very similar link error to the gdb
mailing list in 2005, but I saw no responses to his post other than his

Has anybody dealt with this successfully?

Tnx for any help y'all can provide.


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