ARM gnueabi NPTL/TLS GCC 4.1.1 glibc 2.5

Tue Dec 12 16:23:00 GMT 2006

Bridge Wu <mingqiao.wu <at>> writes:

> Yes, I ever built kernel with OABI support.
> You can find all the EABI patches from arm linux kernel website. The
> URL is
> It's hard to say from which kernel would support OABI compatibility
> well. It evolves as time goes. You can search EABI in 'Search
> summaries' to see which EABI patches should be applied.
Do you have any idea which patch(es) fix the ARM EABI linker "unrecognised
emulation mode" bug when building a little endian toolchain ?

[see also]

This occurs when building a toolchain using Buildroot, on GCC 3.4.0 up,
if I specify a GNU target suffix which includes "-eabi".

I have skimmed the list you describe, but cannot see a relevant patch.


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