How to find out if a given gcc is a cross compiler?

Toralf Lund
Fri Dec 8 08:16:00 GMT 2006

Nathan Kidd wrote:
> Toralf Lund wrote:
>> I'm looking a nice and simple way to find out if a given gcc command 
>> actually specifies a cross compiler, or if I'm cross compiling when 
>> using it, if you like. Does anyone know a simple way to find out? I 
>> suppose I can compare the target type as output from -dumpmachine 
>> with the current host type, but is there a single, reliable way of 
>> finding that, and getting the value in the same format as the target? 
>> Or should that be "build" machine instead of "host"? I never seem to 
>> learn which is which, but the point remains: I'm not sure I know a 
>> good way to find it.
> Try: gcc -dumpspecs | grep -A 1 cross_compile
Ah. Haven't noticed that piece of information before. Thanks.

- Toralf

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