crosstool-0.43 released

Dan Kegel
Fri Dec 8 00:41:00 GMT 2006

This release is a simple update to include
gcc-4.1.1, and to clean up the long-suffering demo scripts.
It also includes Ian Lance Taylor's quickie attempt at nptl
support; I haven't really tried that, but I trust him, and it
should at least be interesting.

There are quite a few other updates needed (glibc-2.5, anyone?),
but the compiler update at least should be useful.

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    * add gcc-4.1.1 final
    * add gcc-4.1-20060811, snapshot on 20060811
    * add gcc-4.2-20061024, snapshot on 20061024
    * add libmudflap to runtimes rpms so users can do things like
    * add libssp to runtimes rpms so users can do things like
      "-fstack-protector" and "-lssp"
    * enabled tls for 2.4.18 and up, since somebody may need tls support
      from such kernel.
    * fixed a bug in toolchain.dat and cpu.dat, append to GLIBC_EXTRA_CONFIG
      rather than overwrite it. It might be defined both in toolchain.dat
      and cpu.dat, or it might be defined by a crosstool user, who added
      a definition to GLIBC_EXTRA_CONFIG. Before this buf fix, whichever came
      first would have been overwritten.
    * add gcc-4.1.1-glibc-2.3.5-nptl.dat as Ian's first cut at simple
      way of enabling NPTL.

    * add gdb-6.5 final

    * fixed a bug in fix-embedded-paths.c. Simon Baldwin tracked a gdb crash
      down to a bug in the crosstool build scripts (they ran
      on, which wasn't strictly neccessary).  His
proposed workaround
      is to modify fix-embedded-paths.c to use slash padding rather
than space or
      null padding, and run it again on the affected libraries.
    * add __PKGPREFIX__ to allow users to specify the name prefix of the rpms.

    * add gcc-4.1.1 build results and update build matrix.
    * add nptl to build matrix

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