More ARM binutils fuckage

Khem Raj
Wed Dec 6 03:07:00 GMT 2006

Lennert Buytenhek said the following on 12/5/2006 6:24 PM:
> On Tue, Dec 05, 2006 at 05:59:59PM -0800, Michael K. Edwards wrote:
>>> I use a bog-standard gcc 4.1.0 to cross-compile all my ARM kernels
>>> with, which allows me to build both old-ABI and EABI kernels.  (These
>>> days I build all kernels in EABI mode with old-ABI compat.)  I have
>>> not run into any code generation issues with this compiler yet.
>> Is this gcc configured with -gnu or -gnueabi?
> -gnu.  It is a common misconception that you would need an EABI
> toolchain to build an EABI kernel.  You can use any gcc 4.1 to build
> EABI kernels with.

I guess there are two things here.

1. The kernel is capable of running EABI binaries.

For this case you do not require a EABI toolchain so configuring gcc 
with arm*-*-linux-gnu would do.

2. Kernel itself it compiled as EABI binary.

This would need a complete EABI toolchain. (configure with 
arm*-*-linux-gnueabi )
>> Are you using crosstool to do the inject-glibc-headers dance?  If so,
>> are you still using a pre-2.4 glibc without the "ports" add-on?
> The toolchain I use for crosscompiling EABI kernels is an 'old-ABI'
> toolchain with gcc 4.1.0 and glibc 2.3.2, and was built by crosstool
> 0.42.
for arm nptl and EABI gcc 4.1 and above, binutils cvs (quite stable on 
arm) + glibc 2.4 works for me.
all patches needed are in crosstool repo.

Khem Raj <>
MontaVista Software Inc.

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