More ARM binutils fuckage

Michael K. Edwards
Wed Dec 6 02:00:00 GMT 2006

Thanks Lennert.  Judging from some of your other postings, you're the
sort of expert I was hoping would reply.  Forgive me if I respond by
peppering you with questions.  :-)  I have dropped Sam and
linux-kernel but kept the linux-arm-* and crossgcc lists.

On 12/5/06, Lennert Buytenhek <> wrote:
> I use a bog-standard gcc 4.1.0 to cross-compile all my ARM kernels
> with, which allows me to build both old-ABI and EABI kernels.  (These
> days I build all kernels in EABI mode with old-ABI compat.)  I have
> not run into any code generation issues with this compiler yet.

Is this gcc configured with -gnu or -gnueabi?  Are you using crosstool
to do the inject-glibc-headers dance?  If so, are you still using a
pre-2.4 glibc without the "ports" add-on?  Do you turn on TLS and/or
OABI userland compatibility in your kernel config?

> On the ARM I am running an EABI userland with glibc 2.5, and build
> stuff natively with vanilla binutils ( is 'too
> old', as it doesn't understand the two argument form of the .movsp
> directive which one of the gcc ICE fix patches emits), and gcc 4.1.1
> with some patches from gcc bugzilla to fix an ICE or two.

Is this toolchain built with crosstool, and if so, are you using one
of the previously posted patches for the glibc 2.4+ configuration
dance or did you roll your own?  Does NPTL work for you in this

- Michael

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