ARM gnueabi NPTL/TLS GCC 4.1.1 glibc 2.5

Bob Bernstein
Mon Dec 4 21:36:00 GMT 2006

Is there something that you needed Marvell to do with this?

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Subject: ARM gnueabi NPTL/TLS GCC 4.1.1 glibc 2.5

Attached is an updated crosstool patch for GNU EABI support on ARM,
using the latest released version of gcc, glibc, binutils, gdb, and
the linux kernel (2.6.19).  I'm still at a fairly early stage of
testing, but it's far enough along that it seemed worth posting (and
I've had a couple of requests).  U-Boot works fine, kernel and
userland build fine, all with minor patches.  I have a fairly large
roll-up patch to ptxdist which I am rebasing to current SVN and
breaking into pieces for posting on the ptxdist mailing list; look
there or e-mail me for cross-compile fixes for various userland

The included builds a little-endian toolchain
tuned for ARM926EJ-S.  I've rolled in my previous minor patch that
fixes big-endian support in gcc 4.1.1; with an appropriate kernel
config one should also be able to build a big-endian toolchain with
TARGET changed to armeb-926ejs-linux-gnueabi in arm-gnueabi.dat.  I
expect to test both of these, plus a little-endian XScale tuning, in
the next few weeks.  If y'all get to it before I do, let me know what
you find out.

- Michael

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