crosstool-0.42+NPTL-khem, ppc860, softfloat GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG issues

Nye Liu
Tue Aug 22 23:40:00 GMT 2006

On Fri, Aug 18, 2006 at 05:25:58PM -0700, Nye Liu wrote:
> im still sort of confused how GLIBC_EXTRA_CONFIG can co-exist in both
> gcc*.dat and the architecture .dats... do they get merged somewhere that
> i dont see?

The answer is, they do not. Any vars that exist in both will get
overwritten by the later one (gcc*.dat), which is why i was having
mcpu/softfloat problems...

my powerpc-860.dat's GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--with-cpu=860 --with-float=soft"
was being overriden by khem's recommendation to put 
GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--disable-libunwind-exceptions" in the gcc-*.dat

i have various makefiles that may or may not add -mcpu=860 and
-msoft-float to the link stage... and they were generating floating point
code and not using the nof libraries because of it.

i would much prefer to have my powerpc-860-linux-gnu-gcc/ld automatically
assume those by default, and im assuming "--with-cpu=860
--with-float=soft" will do that.

Or am i missing something?

Also, if this is the case, would it be better to move
--disable-libunwind-exceptions to the cpu dats, or use += in the

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