invalid lvalue error when trying to build bootstrap gcc

Dimitry Andric
Mon Aug 14 12:09:00 GMT 2006

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白云城主叶孤城 wrote:
> Thanks dude.But I was told gcc-2.95.3 was quite good for embedded
> system.Gcc-3.x doesn't seem to be so stable.

Well, there are many different opinions on that.  Where I work, we use
gcc 3.3.3, and it's perfectly stable for us.   It seems 3.4.x is even a
bit better, and gcc 4.1.x actually is quite good too, these days,
although you may need to adapt some non-standard code for it.

All in all, it's up to you which compiler you want to use.  But building
a very old gcc version with a very new gcc version is asking for

The problem is that you're using Fedora Core 5, which comes with gcc 4.1
and nothing else.  So you'll need to find some compatibility package
that contains an old gcc (preferably 2.95), which makes sure you can
build equally old gcc's with it. :)

If the specific Linux distro does not matter to you, I'd advise you to
install either Ubuntu or Debian, which have very easy to install
packages for gcc 2.95, 3.3 and 3.4.  You can then comfortably build your
2.95-based crosscompiler.

> Yes,I am green in linux&embedded world.

We've all started at some point. :)

> In fact, I was reading "Building Embedded LInux System" written by Karim
> Yagbmour. I was following what he told.So how do you guys build your
> embedded system. Do you use some toolchain available on the internet?

I don't really like precompiled toolchains, since they almost never
contain the features I want. :)  So I build them myself, either with my
handwritten little scripts, or more usually crosstool.

But please be aware that crosstool won't fix your particular problem
(building very old gcc's with very new ones) either.

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