invalid lvalue error when trying to build bootstrap gcc

Dimitry Andric
Mon Aug 14 11:34:00 GMT 2006

Dave Korn wrote:
>> My PC host:
>> i386-redhat fedora5  kernel 2.6.15
>> gcc version: 4.1.0
>   IIUIC, you just can't build such recent (2.6.x) kernels with such an old (2.
> 95.x) gcc; modern kernels recommend you move up to gcc 3.3.x, as they make use
> of the new features in more recent gcc versions.

He's not trying to build his Fedora kernel, but his bootstrap gcc.
Obviously, his host gcc is too new to still support building gcc 2.95.
There's not much change you'll get fixes for this integrated... ;)

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