Enabling build of locale tools in crosstool

Matt Hoosier mwhoosier@gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 18:28:00 GMT 2006


I've built a toolchain targetting i686, and I'm wondering what the
right way is to get tools like 'zic' installed into the finished

There's a script ptx.sh which does some ptxdist builds of tools, and
one of the binaries listed in "copy results into $PREFIX/target" is

When using this script to drive the building of ptxdist userland
tools, I keep getting mismatches such as non-existent Makefile targets
being called. It seems that the more recent versions of ptxdist have
changed the layout of their makefiles. Does anybody know what version
of ptxdist crosstool-0.42 was written to expect?

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