sprintf causes a procesoor crash when I use %f

Peter Barada peter@the-baradas.com
Fri Aug 11 16:28:00 GMT 2006

>I was creating a m68k-elf GNU toolchain with binutils 2.15, gcc3.4.6 and
>newlib 1.15.0. 
>When I compile my coldfire project (m5307), everything works fine, expect
>the sprintf function.
>When I use sprintf with a %f in its argument it causes a processor crash.
>Can I solve the error by using an other newlib version, or did I something
>wrong when I was creating my toolchain?

Did you compile/assemble/link your source with the appropriate -m
command to specify that you have a V3 coldfire core (that does not
have an FPU)?

Peter Barada

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