initgroups.c: parse error before "__FUNCTION__"

Dave Korn
Fri Aug 11 15:47:00 GMT 2006

On 11 August 2006 16:27, Rowan Potgieter wrote:

>>   I think that will be your underlying trouble: you're getting the post-3.2
>> behaviour but the source was written originally for a pre-3.2 compiler.
> hmmm so are saying that i'm going to have to rebuild the toolchain,
> perhaps using an older version of gcc? pre 3.2? isn't that worse
> though?

  Nope, it will be much easier to hack the source to update it:
>>   So, what's actually on line 179 before __FUNCTION__ ?
> Copying from line 177-179:
>       /* This is really only for debugging.  */
>       if (NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN > status || status > NSS_STATUS_RETURN)
> 	__libc_fatal ("illegal status in " __FUNCTION__);
>  I dont know if that helps...

  Absolutely it does.  In old gcc, __FUNCTION__ was a string, so that line
looks like this:

>       if (NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN > status || status > NSS_STATUS_RETURN)
> 	__libc_fatal ("illegal status in " "internal_getgrouplist");

and it's using preprocessor string contcatenation to make that into one
message.  But the new way of doing things, __FUNCTION__ is effectively a
variable like __func__:

>>      The identifier `__func__' is implicitly declared by the translator
>>      as if, immediately following the opening brace of each function
>>      definition, the declaration
>>           static const char __func__[] = "function-name";
>>      appeared, where function-name is the name of the lexically-enclosing
>>      function.  This name is the unadorned name of the function.
>>    By this definition, `__func__' is a variable, not a string literal.
>> In particular, `__func__' does not catenate with other string literals.

  Note that last line: what you have with modern gcc is effectively

>   static const char __FUNCTION__[] = "internal_getgrouplist";
>       if (NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN > status || status > NSS_STATUS_RETURN)
> 	__libc_fatal ("illegal status in " __FUNCTION__);

and of course, you can't concatenate the runtime contents of a variable with a
literal string at compile time!

  I don't know if __libc_fatal accepts format specifiers, but if it does, the
solution /could/ be as simple as rewriting it to

>       if (NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN > status || status > NSS_STATUS_RETURN)
> 	__libc_fatal ("illegal status in %s", __FUNCTION__);

otherwise, you'd need to strcat or sprintf it into a temporary buffer, or just
make do without the function name, or hard-code it into the error message:

>       if (NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN > status || status > NSS_STATUS_RETURN)
> 	__libc_fatal ("illegal status in internal_getgrouplist");

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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