gcc and -fvisibility=hidden

Robert Lippmann rlippmann@hotmail.com
Sun Apr 30 07:30:00 GMT 2006

>Robert Lippmann wrote:
> > thanks for the info, mike.
> >
> > unfortunately, i'm using distcc as a compile farm for my gentoo box, and
> > gentoo uses 3.4.5, so i can't really switch to 4.x.
> >
> > will file a bug in gentoo, to either get the flags removed, or to at 
> > post the workaround (ie, don't distcc it).
>You can still use distcc; just be sure that when you build the cross
>compiler you use the same patched gcc source that gentoo uses for its
>native compiler.  As long as the source is the same the resulting
>compiler should have the same features and identical output, regardless
>of whether it's cross or native.

good point.  unfortunately, i'm not that familiar with what patches gentoo 

might be useful to know for future reference, though.  it's late here, i'll 
look tomorrow (but if someone could provide pointers :)

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