Question crosstool build matrix and SH4

Dan Kegel
Sat Apr 29 07:19:00 GMT 2006

On 4/28/06, Nylund Martin <> wrote:
> I've used crosstool before to build toolchain for ARM (I just ran the
> default combination of gcc libc, etc and everything worked). Now I'd
> like to build one for SH4. How should I intepret the crosstool build
> matrix? It's all red and yellow for SH architecture.

Find one where the tools compiled ok, and only the kernel failed,
then look at the kernel log (just click on the build matrix).
If the errors just look like a kernel source bug, that combination is
probably good to go.
If the errors look like gcc barfage (like an internal compiler error),
that combination is bad.

> Is there some tweaking required?
Probably just of the kernel sources.  I bet there's an sh4
tree somewhere, or some sh4 patch that's needed but
not in the kernel source crosstool is using.

I used to use crosstool for sh4 in real production, so I know
it's at least somewhat working!
- Dan

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