arm eabi boot progress.

Steven Newbury
Sat Apr 29 00:20:00 GMT 2006

--- Mike Frysinger <> wrote:

> On Thursday 27 April 2006 03:49, Steven Newbury wrote:
> > I do believe Im there! I had two problems in the end, bash built natively
> > and works perfectly.
Guessing can only get you so far I guess!

> mmm, yeah, bash is known to not cross-compile well (it mixes signal 
> information from the build host into the binary) ... but it should have at 
> least ran ...
It actually refuses to guess somthings and leaves you to set them in the
environment.  Unfortunaetly I used Google to see what other people had done
cross-compiling it for ARM only to get information which no longer applies.  I
guess bash can't really include defaults for every possible target, I don't
know what could be a solution here other than to document what works for a
given target, perhaps special case in the Gentoo ebuild script(!). ;-)
> > The other thing was the kernel headers. 2.6.16 
> > headers, including those provided by gentoo are broken with respect to ARM
> > EABI. Syscalls that were removed but still defined were confusing glibc.
> > This is in addition to those that were fixed in the glibc patch.
> they're pretty vanilla headers ... so if they're broken in Gentoo, they're 
> broken everywhere ...
> -mike
I think they were/are only broken in 2.6.16 for this specific case.  I haven't
checked but I suspect 2.6.16.x would be fine.

Status update:

I know have a have a pretty usable base installation of Gentoo though I have a
little problem still.  My spectrum24 wifi card isn't working now, the firmware
load fails - not sure if it's a problem with the pcmcia/cf driver or what. 
Where should I take this? linux-arm-kernel? The orinoco list? A Gentoo dev
list???  It's the only way I have of networking it at the moment so it's a
little awkward!


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