arm eabi boot progress.

Steven Newbury
Wed Apr 26 17:45:00 GMT 2006

I think we are getting there...
I did get the socket function not implemented errors until I applied the patch
you pointed out. That resolved that issue for me.
Are you using bash?
What kernel are you using?
Sorry about the formatting and lack of quotation Im limited to my mobile phone
at the moment.

--- <> wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Here's a quick update on progress:
> After applying the patch: 
> and rebuilding 
> the user space completely with "-mabi=aapcs-linux" the system now boots 
> and it is possible to log in successfully. :-)
> The problems remaining are all socket operations fail with "Function not 
> implemented" error messages. This message is also generated when trying 
> to change file metadata.
> For example:
> cp: preserving times for `/mnt/rwfs/var/spool': Function not implemented
> syslogd: Couldn't get file descriptor for socket /dev/log: Function not 
> implemented
> telnetd: socket: Function not implemented
> Have you seen these errors?
> Best regards,
> Steve


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