dejagnu remote testing without rsh/rcp facilities on target.

Tue Apr 25 07:46:00 GMT 2006

Hi folks,

I'm trying to remote test the following toolchain:

-> gcc-2.95.3 (where i incorpored testsuite from gcc-2.95-2.1 iirc because no
testsuite files from tag release at gnu svn found),
-> binutils-2.9.1,
-> gdb-4.18
-> and newlib-1.12.0

I know im dealing with very older releases but it's the customer toolchain
already built and no way in using new releases btw due constraints in target.

What i already have done is to pass the native 2.95.3 gcc testsuite with the
2.95.2-1 testsuites only for C compiler and almost succeeded (except for some
issues at loop-2b.c -execute.exp- and dg.exp and mg.exp, but the rest is passing).

After googling a while and reading the dejagnu doc i found that it should be
recommended to have the rcp/rsh/telnet facilities in target board, and i don't
have these facilities running actually on this target.

What i have is a text/serial console/newlib with propietary application commands
using jtag mode for that console. At the same time i have a telnet facility
offered by target but not in the proper way, i mean it's the same input/output
as the console/newlib described b4 but replicated on telnet port. That means i
(think i) have no way of compiling/uploading the objects to target, run them and
check the results as supposed following the dejagnu procedures to do it using
remoted targets.

My first approach is to embed the tests, i.e. memcheck.exp/*.c (gcc C only) in
the src running app on target, compile the whole app with the toolchain, flash
it and finally using a custom command at target console to fire/start them
remotelly to check after the results, dont know yet howto integrate with dejagnu
all of this.

Don't know if there is a better approach to do this and at the same time as i
can see i don't know how to integrate this with dejagnu framework, but after
inspecting the testsuites i have from 2.95.-2.1 i saw that only for C lang, i
have in execute mode for target the following .exp files/tests:
 - execute.exp,
 - ieee.exp, and
 - memcheck.exp

These are the tests im thinking to embedd in the target to be ran later fired
from console command.

Hints and help really appreciated


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