NPTL patch for crosstool-0.42

Mon Apr 17 18:59:00 GMT 2006


I tried your NPTL patch (in the current crosstool release ( )
/contrib/2005a/crosstool-0.38-nptl.patch.bz2.  I assumed this is the same
patch you posted in March (it looked similar).  Here was what I found:
  -It didn't apply cleanly, hunk #5 for and hunk #1 for failed
  -even when I applied it manually, trying to cross build glibc2.4 for powePC
still failed.  Here was the command I used: GLIBC_DIR=glibc-2.4
GLIBC_THREADS_FILENAME-glibc-ports-2.4 BINUTILS_DIR=binutls-2.16.1
GCC_DIR=gcc-4.1.0 LINUX_SANITIZED_HEADER_DIR=linux-libc-headers-
I used/uncommented the last build option in eval `cat
powerpc-7450.dat gcc-3.4.1-glibc-20040827.dat` sh --notest.  I did
have to edit a few files so linuxthreads*.tar.gz is not required (want to use

I just started using crosstool and it might be that I didn't use it
correctly.  I'm trying to cross-build binutils-2.16, gcc-4.1 and glibc2.4 for
powerPC.  That is a toolchain that runs on i686 and generates ppc binaries.

Please let me know if I did anything wrong or is crosstool still not ready
for this build option right now.

Thanks in advance for any pointers,

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