arm gnueabi problem with tls.

Dan Kegel
Wed Apr 12 06:49:00 GMT 2006

On 4/11/06, Martin Guy <> wrote:
> Now as far as I can see, the binutils maintainers have not released an
> identifiable version since last summer (2.16.1), which is too old for
> ARM EABI work. There is only CVS access, and a directory of daily
> snapshot tarballs, but these tarballs only remain on the net for 48
> hours (today's and yesterday's), then they disappear so are useless
> for crosstool. The Debian maintainers seem to have used a random CVS
> version called 2.16.91, but I don't see where these version numbers
> come from.

Those are probably H.J.Lu's prereleases.  Here's an example announcement:
I think crosstool already has support for downloading those.

> Possible solutions that come to mind are:
> # Implement code in crosstool to fish out the CVS version for a
> specific date. There is already code to do a similar thing for glibc.
> Unfortunately I don't have a fast enough inet connection to be able to
> afford this every time I try a new build, so i presume that others are
> in the same situation.

You wouldn't need to do it every time -- crosstool won't refetch if it
already exists
in the tarballs directory.

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