why are there build-based executables in ${PREFIX}/${TARGET}/bin?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday@mindspring.com
Fri Sep 30 11:14:00 GMT 2005

  comparing the way crosstool works with the recipe for building a
toolchain in karim yaghmour's book, i'm puzzled by some of the
executables found in the resulting ${PREFIX}/${TARGET}/bin directory.

  in general, yaghmour writes about the two directories that
correspond in crosstool to:


  that first directory represents the top of the entire generated
toolchain, which is fine.  but, following yaghmour, that second
directory would normally contain "all the software components to be
used *on the target*."  (emphasis added)

  yet, in my case, the contents of the subdirectory
${PREFIX}/${TARGET}/bin are:

  ar c++ gcc getconf iconv locale nm pcprofiledump rpcgen strip as g++
  gencat getent ld localedef objdump ranlib sprof

where some of these executables are native (Intel 80386) executables,
while others are target (SH3) executables.  what is the purpose of the
native executables in this directory?  shouldn't this entire
subdirectory structure represent only that which is meant to run on
the target?

(in general, it would seem to be inherently confusing to have *any*
single directory which contains a mixture of native and target-based


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