general questions about sysroot in building a toolchain

Dan Kegel
Thu Sep 29 13:44:00 GMT 2005

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> let me ask a simpler question regarding this whole sysroot thing,
> then. what is the advantage in selecting a USE_SYSROOT build when
> running crosstool?  what do i get out of it?

IIRC, there was no other way to get a working x86_64 toolchain.
Dunno why.

> so the questions remains -- if i use a sysroot approach in building my
> toolchain, do i have any need for that sys-root directory afterwards?
> is it necessary for the *use* of the toolchain once it's been built?


Why does it bug you so much?

There are a few things currently outside the sysroot directory
that ought to be moved inside (e.g. the c++ libraries),
but there's nothing bad about the current situation other
than a little untidiness, I think.
- Dan

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