general questions about sysroot in building a toolchain

Maxim Osipov
Thu Sep 29 13:24:00 GMT 2005

By definition, --with-sysroot=dir option shall produce relocatable 
toolchain with if dir is inside of installation tree (or dir is omitted).

In all toolchains I built, that worked fine. If it doesn't for you - 
you've found a bug in toolchain. But try to move toolchain first, 
probably you just miss something ;)


Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Maxim Osipov wrote:
>>You have all your libraries and headers in sysroot. Gcc and ld will
>>use it when building your programs.
> ok, things are suddenly becoming clearer (i hope), and a good part of
> this has to do with whether i can relocate a generated toolchain.
> i can see that, if i use USE_SYSROOT=1 with crosstool, my generated
> cross-compiling utilities (sh3-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc/ld/etc.) have,
> embedded in them, the hard-coded full pathname of that sys-root
> directory where it was created during the build.
> so, if i try to copy the generated toolchain "results" directory
> elsewhere, cross-compilation will break given that the sys-root
> directory isn't there anymore.
> in that case, what is the freedom in relocating a generated toolchain
> elsewhere if one uses sysroot during the build?
> rday
> p.s.  i keep trying to ask a single-issue question, but each one seems
> to get tangled up in related issues.  dang.

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