general questions about sysroot in building a toolchain

Robert P. J. Day
Thu Sep 29 12:38:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Leon Woestenberg wrote:

> Robert,
> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >  (is there an online tutorial about the purpose and use of sysroot in
> > building a toolchain somewhere?)
> >
> Beware of what you ask. Some use a chroot() environment for the toolchain
> itself (to be vert
> independent from the host tools/environment). And there is the sysroot style
> where you prepare a
> target root filesystem on the host.
> See these threads for a recent answer of the rationale of the last technique:

let me ask a simpler question regarding this whole sysroot thing,
then. what is the advantage in selecting a USE_SYSROOT build when
running crosstool?  what do i get out of it?

from what i can see in the results directory, the created sys-root/
directory contains the following top-level directories:


so ... as i read it, the contents of that directory represents a
*partial*, chroot-style, root filesystem for the target system.  but i
have no interest in that aspect.  i want my crosstool build to just
build a toolchain -- i don't care about any bonus results like a
partial root filesystem (yet).

so the questions remains -- if i use a sysroot approach in building my
toolchain, do i have any need for that sys-root directory afterwards?
is it necessary for the *use* of the toolchain once it's been built?


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