more pedantry: what is the purpose of ${PREFIX}/${TARGET}?

Robert P. J. Day
Wed Sep 28 12:14:00 GMT 2005

  (kind of, sort of a followup from my earlier post.)

short question:

  WRT to the crosstool build process, what is the rationale for the
directory identified by ${PREFIX}/${TARGET}?

long form:

  working my way thru the crosstool code, i'm trying to understand the
layout of a build's "results" directory.  using my example again, i
get a results directory with the structure:

    gcc-4.0.1-glibc-2.3.5/		TOOLCOMBO
      sh3-unknown-linux-gnu/		TARGET
        ... the actual toolchain and intermediate stuff here ...

with the variable

  PREFIX=<results dir>/${TOOLCOMBO}/${TARGET}

fair enough thus far but it's not clear why there's yet *another*
subdirectory there with the name:


which means the directory "sh3-unknown-linux-gnu" has a subdirectory
with the same name, which would seem kind of redundant.

  normally (at least based on my reading of yaghmour's book), the
${TARGET} variable is used to distinguish between different
architecture builds.  but that's already been done here -- the
${PREFIX} variable *already* incorporates all of the information about
the software components and the target system.  so why have yet
another subdirectory named ${TARGET}?

  i can see from the script that that directory is used
to hold the SYSROOT for the build, among other things.  but what else
is it for?  is there a one or two line description as to what part
that directory plays in the build process?  thanks.  sorry if the
answer is obvious and i just missed it.


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