crosstool bloat

David Karlton
Sun Sep 18 21:24:00 GMT 2005

I'm having some trouble with crosstool-0.38.  Almost a year ago, we had 
successfully used version 0.28-rc36 to build a gcc-3.2.3-glibc-2.2.3 
toolchain for mipsel.  It worked like a champ.  Now, I'm trying to use 
the latest crosstool to build another mipsel toolchain.  The build seems 
to work, but when I compile anything with the resulting compiler, all my 
output files are suddenly quite huge -- anything that would have 
compiled very small with 0.28 (eg. a 5k binary under 0.28) is now right 
around 68k, consistently, with 0.38.  I simply ran "sh ./" 
after editing the script to create the desired build.

Any idea what may be causing the executables to be so large?  I can't 
recall what I had done in the installation for 0.28 to make the binaries 
be "normal".  Is there an easy way to figure out what is getting 
included into my builds?


David Karlton

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