Is a target glibc really needed to build full crossgcc?

Kai Ruottu
Thu Sep 15 16:48:00 GMT 2005

Kai Ruottu wrote:

> For the Linux/m32r some prebuilt glibcs were available via:
> The glibc port seems to be only in 'ports', not integrated to
> the main 'sysdeps'... Anyway after having the 'bootstrap' glibc
> and if the newer binutils and GCCs already support 'm32r-linux-gnu',
> the first toolchain build can take only 15-30 minutes...

  FYI, the downloaded packages for the base Linux/m32r glibc from
that site were:


and after building binutils, unpacking these into the chosen $sysroot,
'/opt/host-m32r-linux', symlinking the '$sysroot/usr/include' and
'$sysroot/usr/lib' to be seen also as '$prefix/m32r-linux-gnu/include'
and '$prefix/m32r-linux-gnu/lib', moving the kernel headers into their
proper place, '$prefix/m32r-linux-gnu/sys-include' (the 'asm',
'asm-generic' and 'linux' subdirs were unpacked into the
'$sysroot/usr/src/kernel-headers-2.6.11/include'), fixing the symlinks
between the '$sysroot/usr/lib' and '$sysroot/lib' (they were
surprisingly pointing to '/lib'), fixing the '$sysroot/usr/lib/'
and setting the symlinks between the '$prefix/m32r-linux-gnu/include'
and '$prefix/m32r-linux-gnu/sys-include', the GCC build succeeded
nicely from the used plain vanilla FSF gcc-3.4.4 sources.

  The used glibc was built using a Debian gcc-3.4.4 prerelease, told the
'reverse-engineering' check with strings'...

  The used human-time really was just the expected despite of the
unexpected faulty original symlinks, all SuSEs have them also just as
faulty and the script to rearrange them was made earlier. But my slow
450 MHz PC used maybe another 30 minutes for building binutils and GCC.

  So the 'm32r-linux-gnu' target was easy as a pie, but the
'v850-linux-gnu' and 'am33-linux-gnu' (the 'mn10300') and maybe also
the 'frv-linux-gnu' targets may require patching/building the glibc
sources, no prebuilt glibcs for them was seen in the net... At least
the 'am33' was already present in the 'ports' add-in for glibc-2.3.5.

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