Is a target glibc really needed to build full crossgcc?

Kai Ruottu
Thu Sep 15 11:00:00 GMT 2005

Dimitry Andric wrote:

> But what if you don't *have* any existing target C library?  Then you
> will still need to build it yourself, somehow.  And that is done with
> the bootstrap compiler.

  So what are the current target systems which don't have even any
suitable replacement C libraries at all prebuilt for them?  Linux/v850? 
Linux/m32r? Linux/mn10300? The recently mentioned Linux/Blackfin?
Maybe the Linux/ARC ?  Never heard any Linux implementations for the
ARCcore yet... Don't the maintainers build anything and then put it
available to the net? Only the patched sources or the patches?

  I'm going to add some toolchains for these new Linuces just for a fun
into my disks so having some existing prebuilt C libraries for them
could help a lot...

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