Is a target glibc really needed to build full crossgcc?

Dan Kegel
Wed Sep 14 15:23:00 GMT 2005

Kai Ruottu wrote:
>  My opinion to this is, and has always been, that one not only "can",
> but "should" use the original prebuilt and already tested C libraries.
> Replacing them with something else in the crosstools is not at all
> recommended. If there is no serious aspect, no paid work to do, it
> not mattering if the produced apps don't work, etc. which is usual in
> those "just for a fun" projects, then one can do anything. Trying to
> run apps made for Red Hat on SuSE can be interesting, or trying to
> run apps made with a generic self-built toolchain on them both could
> also be...

Kai's right, of course.  In fact, to go further, one should always
use Red Hat's approved toolchain to build apps for Red Hat if
you want to be 100% sure it'll work.

That said, there are many times when highly paid engineers
will use crosstool to build apps for Red Hat.  In fact, many
of the engineers at Google do.

And there are many times when highly paid engineers use
crosstool to build apps for embedded systems.

So while Kai is right, he's also wrong.  (It's a messy world out there,
and nobody's ever completely right.)

>  If enough people would believe that a cross-GCC really is aimed to
> be built in one stage after building the binutils and preinstalling
> the existing target C libraries, and would report any problems in
> this normal build type, the world would be much simpler and easier.
> But "people are like chaff in the wind, as soon as enough people are
> believing in something, others will follow easily!", Georg Henrik von
> Wright... So the three-phase nonsense will stay for a while because
> so many are now believing it being just the right way :(

I certainly don't believe it's the right way.
Crosstool is simply a neccessary and useful evil until gcc et al clean
up their act.
- Dan

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