Modified the patch posted for GCC PR12010

Dan Kegel
Tue Sep 13 03:59:00 GMT 2005

Khem Raj wrote:
>> I applied the patch you posted for PR12010. It did not work for me for 
>> two reasons.
>> 1. My builddir is in parallel to libstdc++ dir in the source tree. I 
>> have to change the order of searching. It will search for a libstdc++ 
>> in builddir before srcdir otherwise it was hitting srcdir/libstdc++ 
>> and failing if the objdir is created inside the GCC source tree.
>> 2. I use tranform name as a result my target_triplet is different from 
>> target_alias and target libraries like libstdc++ are created under 
>> folder named after target_alias and not target_triplet.
>>  ...
> I have removed target_triplet definition in libstdc++.exp and forgot a 
> newline after last if statement in same file
> here is revised patch. It worked ok on arm-sim and arm-elf cross gcc 
> testing.

Thanks!  I can't really judge it too well; I haven't run the
testsuite in a while.  The best thing you can do is attach your
new patch to and give the same explanation
there as you did here.
- Dan

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