can build toolchain in two steps, but not one

Dan Kegel
Sun Sep 11 00:15:00 GMT 2005

Michael N. Moran wrote:
>> I'm proposing that you really fix the kernel Makefile,
>> for real, and submit the patch, for real.
> Though the patch is to the kernel, it is dependent upon
> the GCC version used to build the kernel. So it seems that
> the patch should go into patches/gcc-4.0.x and be applied
> to linux-2.6.x. Will that work?


> Or will crosstool attempt
> to apply the patch to GCC if the kernel patch is in the
> gcc-4.0.x directory?

That's how it works.  If the patch should apply to
linux-2.6.13, then it has to go into patches/linux-2.6.13,
and it will always be applied regardless of which gcc is used.

> And no ... I haven't looked at the code Luke :-P

Tsk, tsk :-)

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