MIPS SF toolchain

David Daney ddaney@avtrex.com
Fri Sep 9 15:20:00 GMT 2005

Matej Kupljen wrote:
> Hi
>>>Can I just #ifdef this code if compiled for sf?
>>I do have some patches for glibc to get rid of these in a soft float 
> Can I see these patches, please?
> (What is the #define for the FP?)
>>However as Ralf Baechle said in the other message, the kernel FP 
>>emulator works and is not that large of an overhead.

Attached is the portions of my patches to glibc-2.3.3 that contain the 
setjump/longjump hacks.  There are other things in there as well, so you 
will have to pick and choose as to which parts you want.

I did this more as a proof of concept rather than the definitive answer. 
  There are still some FP instructions being generated but I have not 
tracked them down yet.

On my 2.4.29 based kernel (mipsel-linux) with glibc 2.3.3 and busybox 
1.00, I don't get the 'Algorithmics/MIPS FPU Emulator v1.5' message 
until I run ldconfig or ftp.  Most other programs don't seem to run any 
FP instructions.

> I also removed the FP Emulator in the kernel, just to be sure that
> no SF ins are executed (I can send the patch to the list, but I know
> there has already been discussion about this).
> IMHO, if we say that we have a SF toolchain then there MUST NOT
> BE any SF ins, otherwise we have a "semi soft float" toolchain.
> Don't you agree?

Of course I agree.

David Daney.
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