armv5b-softfloat-linux gcc-4.0.1 glibc-2.3.5

Michael N. Moran
Fri Sep 9 14:13:00 GMT 2005

This is a patch against crosstool-0.38 that I used to
build an armv5b-softfloat-linux toolchain on this system:

Linux sunset 2.4.20-9i8500.0 #11 Sun May 18 17:22:37 EDT 2003 i686 i686 
i386 GNU/Linux

I have successfully used the toolchain to build a snapgear 3.2.0
+ uClibc-0.9.28 kernel for the Linksys NSLU2, which uses an
IXP420 ARM processor.

Most of the changes involved copying patches for older
GCC versions into the patches/gcc-4.0.1 directory.

There were no changes to the crosstool scripts themselves,
although I added "", instead of changing
the existing "" script.

Note that some of these patches probably cannot be applied
as a general rule for building ARM gcc-4.0.1 and/or glibc-2.3.5,
and I'm not really sure how crosstool handles these kinds of

Comments welcome.

Michael N. Moran           (h) 770 516 7918
5009 Old Field Ct.         (c) 678 521 5460
Kennesaw, GA, USA 30144

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