MIPS SF toolchain

Matej Kupljen matej.kupljen@ultra.si
Thu Sep 8 12:22:00 GMT 2005


I think I found the problem.

> -------------------------------------------------------------
> 0002fe80 <__longjmp>:
>    2fe80:       c4940038        lwc1    $f20,56(a0)
>    2fe84:       c495003c        lwc1    $f21,60(a0)

This code is written in  sysdeps/mips/setjmp_aux.c in 
inline assembly.

> and
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> 0002ff70 <__sigsetjmp_aux>:
>    2ff70:       3c1c0017        lui     gp,0x17
>    2ff74:       279cce40        addiu   gp,gp,-12736

This code is written in sysdeps/mips/__longjmp.c in 
inline assembly.

> How to solve this?

Because I am using sf, there is no need to store those
registers, or is it?
Can I just #ifdef this code if compiled for sf?


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