current progress for SH3 and newest components

Dan Kegel
Tue Sep 6 16:20:00 GMT 2005

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   at the moment, i have a build cranking along for regular SH3 with
> 	gcc=4.0.1
> 	glibc=2.3.5
> 	binutils=2.16.1
> 	linux-libc-headers=
> no actual kernel involved.  if it actually builds, i'll submit the
> appropriate config files for inclusion in ct-0.39.


In future, though, you might want to pay a bit more attention
to advice from oldtimers (I assume Dave's an oldtimer :-)
before blowing it off.

1. next time you have a problem, be sure to post at least
    the first couple lines of the error

2. the compile error you hit is extremely easy to fix
    if you know any C.  (In fact, it's probably already
    been fixed in newer kernels.)  It would be really
    easy to submit a patch to crosstool to fix it.

3. Even if you yourself are not building the kernel for
    production, not being able to build the kernel is a good
    sign of toolchain trouble, so much so that it's worth
    fixing the little problems that come up.

4. Telling somebody to switch to decaf when they've given
    you good advice is probably a bit much.

- Dan

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