previous working build for SH3 now fails

Dan Kegel
Tue Sep 6 13:54:00 GMT 2005

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   without getting into gruesome detail, i grabbed crosstool-0.38 and
> did a "" build, which failed and i'm guessing it's because
> i'm doing this on a fully-updated FC4 box running gcc-4.0.1.
>   i'm guessing it's because gcc-4 is a much less forgiving compiler
> when it comes to questionable programming constructs and i'm wondering
> how many previously working combinations aren't going to work anymore
> under gcc-4.  (it's well known how lots of compiles that used to work
> everywhere don't under gcc-4.)
>   or perhaps this is something entirely different.  i can post the
> actual errors if someone wants to peruse them.

It seems likely that gcc-4 is too new to build some older
toolchains.  You might need to tell crosstool to use
a different CC.  I've done this before, it's not too bad;
ideally you just set the CC and AR environment variables
to the compiler you want to build crosstool with.

If that doesn't do it, go ahead and post some of the errors...
- Dan

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