crosstool patches for glibc-20051017

Mike Frysinger
Sun Oct 30 08:29:00 GMT 2005

On Sun, Oct 23, 2005 at 09:58:22AM -0700, Dan Kegel wrote:
> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >  for anyone interested in patches for the current snapshot
> >glibc-20051017, i've attached a gzipped tarball which represents the
> >mods and deletions from the patches for glibc-2.3.5.
> >
> >  some patches just got rediffed, some were deleted since they're now
> >incorporated into the glibc source, and some were deleted since the
> >arm/ subdirectory just doesn't exist any more in a couple of places.
> >(not sure what to think of that last bit.)
> It may have moved into the ports addon, like linuxthreads.

it was

arm is no longer an official port of glibc starting with 2.3.6+

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