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Lowell Powell
Fri Oct 28 23:17:00 GMT 2005

We've noted your desire for a recognition for your life-long
experience in your career.

If you want to follow this path in getting a paper qualification from
Prestigious non accredited and private Universtities in USA
and Canada" We've the connection to help you get a Bachelor,
Masters, Ph.D, Diplomas or Postgraduate Degrees that relates to
your experience.

You can call me at Tel: 1-801-665-1669

Here is how Our Credit For Work Experience and Accreditation
Process works.

We will evaluate and quantify your past eduation and work
experience for any diploma or degree of your choice.
Thus, you do not have to repeat or take basic courses in areas
that you have already been mastered. Credit for work experience
allows people from all works of life to upgrade their qualifications
that relate to advancing their professional career without ever
going back to school.

Awards can also be granted for the purpose of honoring those
who exemplify the ideals of Higher Education through their significant
achievements and contributions to business and society in their
respective geographic area.

For a Doctorate or Masters of  Business Administration,  a previous
university education MAY NOT BE REQUIRED for persons with extensive
experience in any field related to civil service, business administration,
management, finance, ICT, healthcare, military, etc.

The process can be completed within 2 weeks.

You can call the number below today for more information
on how the actual process works.

Tel: 1-801-665-1669
Clyde Harper
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