what is mips_fp_le-gcc?

Elmar.Haag (sent by Nabble.com) lists@nabble.com
Tue Oct 25 17:07:00 GMT 2005

I try do crosscompile a source code for my Netgear Router which is running on a MIPS architecture. I have downloaded the public sources from Netgear and it looks quite reasonable to me, but when trying to compiling the code in the linux-2.4.17_mvl21 tree by doing a "make", the compiler it wants to use for compiling is called mips_fp_le-gcc. I cannot find this compiler nowhere in The Net... 
I tried to compile the stuff with mipsel-linux-gcc instead of mips_fp_le-gcc (downloaded from the linux-mips.org site), but this compiler complains about some unknown options (-mcpu=r4600) .
So I think I need an RPM with the mips_fp_le-gcc compiler ...where can I find that? Any hint about to which project this compiler belongs?

Sorry if this is an FAQ but I am pretty unpractised with cross-compiling ;-)

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