any point in removing dead patch directories from CT?

Allan Clark
Thu Oct 20 10:26:00 GMT 2005

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   just for aesthetics, is there any value in getting rid of some of
> the patches subdirectories that seem redundant?  for example, stuff
> like glibc-20040822 and others like that?
CT == crosstool?

If so, they should be migrated to a "the unpopular archive" so that they 
might be out of the big, standard archive, but if someone needs them, 
they're around *somewhere*... one thing about crosstool is that it can 
sometimes build the toolchain for working on older, forgotten devices.

"redundant" might be "the snapshots", in which case you might be right, 
but if the patches are identical, cpio preserves hardlinks.. does gnu 
tar?  that would mean no additional space to keep them.

-- my 2-cents, with the disclaimer that I am not the one with the effort 
at this.


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