build error for sh4 using latest snapshot of gcc

Dan Kegel
Wed Oct 19 21:15:00 GMT 2005

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>>1. Run the build and save a log file.
>>2. Look at the log to figure out what directory the failed command was run in
>>3. Look at the log to find what PATH was set to
>>4. Create a three-(long-)line shell script that sets the PATH,
>>   cd's to the directory, and runs the failed command
>>5. Verify that this shell script reproduces the problem
>>   It should take about one or two seconds to run
>>6. Modify the command by adding the -save-temps option
>>7. Run it again
>>8. Voila, you should have a strtok.i file ready to compress and upload as an
>>   attachment to your bug!
> ok, that worked, and the corresponding strtok.i.gz file is now
> attached to the bug report.

Excellent!  Last detail: can you find the minimal command
that reproduces the crash using the preprocessed source?
e.g. start by verifying that
    sh4-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc -c -O -m4 -ml -fPIC strtok.i
causes the crash.  Then try removing options one by one
until all you have are the set that are required to cause
the crash.  Then append a comment to the bug report with
that minimal command.

This is standard bug report practice for those who want
fast action from the maintainers.

- Dan

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