GCC-4.0.2 on Cygwin

Brian Rose lists@brianrose.net
Sun Oct 9 15:40:00 GMT 2005

Thanks for the info. But what is a CSN? Is that the 
compiler/assembler/linker/library combo?

Jim Tison wrote:

> What's worked for me is to build the symlink tree pointing at their 
> respective CVS local repositories:
>  cd $x
>  mkdir combined-tree
>  cd combined-tree
>  ln -s $gcc_source/gcc/* .
>  ln -s $binutils_source/* . >/dev/null 2>&1
>  rm include;mkdir include;cd include
>  ln -s $gcc_source/gcc/include/* .
>  ln -s $binutils_source/include/* . >/dev/null 2>&1
> Then ...
>  cd $y/buildspace
>  $x/combined-tree/configure --target=<n> --prefix=<p> <and so on to your 
> taste>
> This has worked for me since gcc-3.x/binutils-2.9 (once I got my new 
> triplet straight, that is :-) ). 

Thanks, I'll try this out.

> I'd try it before you start hacking 
> build scripts ... --with-sysroot= was also a godsend for any cross. Once 
> you start hacking build scripts, you'll end up going down some really 
> bizarre paths. Been there, done that.

I have no intention of hacking build scripts. I am just trying to update my 
very simple tools process and I'd like to keep it just like that - simple.

> And the other thing ... maybe Dan's crosstool script handles your 
> target, maybe it doesn't. It might be worth a shot.

I'll check this out next. But I'd rather have as few tools out there to 
track and update.

Again, thanks for the info.



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