current state of "mini-crosstool"

Dan Kegel
Wed Oct 5 16:26:00 GMT 2005

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   here's the current version of mini-crosstool, which runs
> successfully up to creating the bootstrap gcc compiler -- i'm open to
> feedback while i work on the last two phases of the build.
>   note:  i cut a lot of corners in terms of what i reproduced from the
> full version, as a lot of the patchwork that's in crosstool may very
> well be relevant only to older software which i'm deliberately
> ignoring.  in some cases, i didn't put in some of those fixes until
> the corresponding error actually occurred.

That's exactly the right approach.

I've often considered doing a mini-crosstool that
discards the workarounds for older versions of gcc and glibc,
so I like the idea.  I haven't looked at your script, though.

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