using glibc headers to build bootstrap gcc?

Robert P. J. Day
Tue Oct 4 15:39:00 GMT 2005

  there appear to be at least three different variations for how to
use the glibc headers to build the bootstrap gcc phase of the

  first, yaghmour's book orders the phases of the build so that the
bootstrap compiler is done before *any* of the glibc stuff.  because
of that, his bootstrap configuration uses the option

  if you have already installed the glibc headers, though, another
approach seems to be using a
variation of "--with-headers=${SYSROOT}/usr/include".

  and crosstool takes yet another approach, using the config option
"--with-local-prefix=", which i'm going to guess subsumes

  are there substantial differences in the ultimate effect of using
one or the other of the above?


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