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Dan Kegel
Sun Oct 2 01:03:00 GMT 2005

Brian Rose wrote:
> I am an embedded developer and I was referred to this list from the main 
> GCC page. I am working on developing a process to build the GNU cross 
> compiler toolchain on a Cygwin/Windows system. Currently the most recent 
> version that will build out of the box is binutils-2.15 and gcc-3.4.2. I 
> have tried applying later version and get various build errors.
> I would like to build more recent versions of these packages. Would this 
> be the correct forum for discussing this effort?


> Also, I cannot find out where to subscribe to the list because the FAQ 
> points to Bill Gatliff's website, which does not provide any facility 
> regarding this list. is the place.

> In case you are wondering I am maintaining the following document which 
> helps Cygwin/Windows developers use GCC by illustrating all the gotcha's 
> on the Windows platform.

Very nice!

You might want to add a link there to
for people who want to target glibc-based Linux systems rather than bare metal systems.
- Dan

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