Cygwin CrossGCC

Brian Rose
Sun Oct 2 00:48:00 GMT 2005


I am an embedded developer and I was referred to this list from the main 
GCC page. I am working on developing a process to build the GNU cross 
compiler toolchain on a Cygwin/Windows system. Currently the most recent 
version that will build out of the box is binutils-2.15 and gcc-3.4.2. I 
have tried applying later version and get various build errors.

I would like to build more recent versions of these packages. Would this be 
the correct forum for discussing this effort?

Also, I cannot find out where to subscribe to the list because the FAQ 
points to Bill Gatliff's website, which does not provide any facility 
regarding this list. So please make sure that I am CC'd on any replies, as 
I am not subscribed yet.

In case you are wondering I am maintaining the following document which 
helps Cygwin/Windows developers use GCC by illustrating all the gotcha's on 
the Windows platform.



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